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Skating Club of Hingham Massachusetts, Member of USFSA and NEICC





In a typical calendar year, approximately 30,000 U.S. Figure Skating tests are passed by members. Of those, approximately 1,000 are senior tests in Skating Skills, 250 are senior tests in Free Skating, 80 are Gold Dance tests and 20 are Gold Pair tests. Earning a gold test is something that every young skater can and should strive for, and it is a wonderful goal for one’s skating career. With perseverance, dedication, and many years of hard work, every figure skating athlete has the potential to become a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist, or even double or triple gold medalist. On average, 3% of skaters will earn 1 gold medal in their skating careers.

2024 Congratulations to: 

Grace Shaughnessy for passing the USFS GOLD ICE DANCE TEST!  By passing this Gold Test, she is now a USFS Triple Gold Medalist, the first in the Club's history, to complete all tests in three different USFS skating discicplines. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS!!

Ava Kracunas for passing PrePreliminary Skating Skills.

Rory Mancuso for passing PrePreliminary Skating Skills (with Honors).

Lily Donovan for passing Preliminary Skating Skills.